Pantone colour of the year 2018 and wedding flowers

The on trend colour for 2018? it’s purple!! get in touch so we can help you choose the best combinations to suit you

Purple for 2018!

Every year Pantone announce the colour of the year. Its the colour that’s predicted to be big and on trend. The most popular colour for decorating, clothing and yes! you guessed it, Weddings and Events!!. Last year was Green and boy did we see a turn in trends. More foliage was big must. Plants, mosses and textures were massive throughout 2017.

Botanical Bouquet

Botanical Bouquet

This year is Purple!!


Now, green, everyone can get on board with. After all, who doesn’t like green, it would be like not liking chocolate… unheard of!

Purple, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. A bit like marmite, I suppose. So what does purple have to offer if you’re not the biggest fan……

the darker purple side

The actual colour shade is Ultra Violet and its a very cleaver and versatile choice from Pantone. Its on the darker side of the spectrum and that means we can use it to make the brighter or lighter colours pop.

Here are some of the options available to you and there are plenty more too…..


Purple flower inspiration, Paragon floral design

Using decadent raspberry shades, chocolates, berries and deep foliages will give you that beautiful Dutch painting style of flowers. Basically shades are colours mixed with black to make them darker so if you find you like deeper purples, look also for darker shades of matching colours and you’ll easily find an exciting mix that will compliment.


Purple flower inspiration, Paragon floral design

If you like your colours to really pop then a classic complimentary combination would be a yellow teamed with purple. Here we have linked that into oranges, reds and vivid greens to create a fruity pallet. Perfect for a fun festival feel.


Purple flower inspiration, Paragon floral design

Maybe you’re a full on 100% paid up member of the purple brigade, and thats just fine! When mixing your purples together make sure you use shades (which we mentioned before) but also tints and tones. Tints are colours mixed with varying amounts of white creating a more pinky feel to the purple hue. Tones are mixed with greys and as you can see from the below pallet the affect is beautiful. Its a full on appreciation of all that is purple. Soft with plenty of personality…. Is this the one for you?


Purple flower inspiration, Paragon floral design

Pastels are so dreamy and light, perfect for the summertime. As you can see from below using the right tones and adding in the purple carefully can really make the dreamy quality of the lighter colours shine through. It actually helps them to be more beautiful. Using purple sparingly you still create those soft feelings but they are less washed out. It will also make them stand out against your dress on the wedding photos.

Colour is such an interesting subject and a clever florist can help you to decide whats best for you. If you want to learn more about colour then this website is a great start for some basic knowledge.

In the end its important to go for what you love but we hope we’ve shown you some helpful cleaver ways for getting the trending colour of the year into a format you will love on your wedding day.

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Thanks for reading!