Are peonies expensive wedding flowers?

Well.. the truth is they are not cheap but there are also tons more expensive flowers out there too. They give a bang for their buck , so to speak, and the reason is, hopefully, explained below.

Zt photography

Zt photography

In our opinion, YES! they are worth it! The large heads, most amazing scent and colours to die for make for an unforgettable flower.


The heavenly Peony is in full bloom at the moment, coming into its prime month of June. They might be with us until around the first week in July... ish. Mother nature decides and we are at her mercy. She decides when they start and when they end, which varies slightly every year. With a flower like a Rose, we can be confident they will be available at any time of year. This just isn't the case with the precious peony.

The tricky thing is that they have this short season and in that season everyone wants them!. Most florists will usually offer an alternative in the form of another scented bloom. A second choice is wise to adopt. This acts as a safeguard against any pesky weather variations and availability.

A garden rose can be a good alternative

A garden rose can be a good alternative

As well as availability, the little blighters are also very needy! They require super close monitoring all the time to make sure they are ready on the right day.

They arrive to us either in tight bud or partially open, and then the fight begins.... We move them into the light, out of the light, into the heat, out of the heat, and tease them with different techniques. Believe me, we use everything in our floristry skill set to manage these guys!


The colour of Peonies can be white, cream, soft to dark pinks and deep raspberry/purples to red. Some are single petal and others doubles. Take a look at the gallery below for a few gorgeous varieties.

It might suprise you to know that some peonies change shades and colours of their petals with age! another joyful stress!. Take a look at the changes in a coral charm peony. This is in days but temperature is a factor too.

Coral charm peony colour change.jpg

Careful maintenance is required to achieve the right colour for that guy! One day over or under can change the whole look!

All this being said, we LOVE the peony. They might give the florist little heart flutters but we are all itching for them to appear at market. We have the skills to pay the bills so you don't need to worry.!

Their contribution to a wedding is amazing, they are always the show stopper. 

Our opinion is... totally worth it. Medium to high on price depending on time of year and variety but full marks for luxury and feel.

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Kate and Lisa x