The Scented Garden Rose

The Scented Garden Rose

Simply, the ultimate in wedding and wellbeing flowers

Scented flowers have really been making comeback, especially over the last 12 months. For a long time, growers have focused on the colour and longevity, because of demand. Unfortunately for the flower lover, the scent of many commercially grown roses has been bread out because of this process. The look and lifespan was, until now, considered of greatest importance.

Garden rose: 3-5 days vase life, Scented, High petal count.  Standard rose: 7-14 days vase life, usually non scented, uniform straight petals.

Garden rose: 3-5 days vase life, Scented, High petal count.

Standard rose: 7-14 days vase life, usually non scented, uniform straight petals.

Current trend

The trend for florals has shifted to a much more natural styling, and with that the desire for 'how flowers used to look'. Even in the floral world, believe it or not, we can be ‘more natural’ . Bendy stems, wild look flowers, grasses and blousy blooms are on the up and up.

Wedding bridal bouquet

Wedding bridal bouquet

For the love of roses

I recently traveled to Holland for a trip organised by one of my wholesalers, Florismart. There we had the Parfum Flower Company talk to us about their exquisite roses and their business ethos. They specialise in garden style roses including David Austin varieties. The weighting factors they use to decide the varieties they produce are on scent, beauty and rich colours.

These are delicate flowers and specifically grown for their beauty. In fact, their yield is not necessarily a factor for a variety chosen for commercial growing. As we learnt, the variety English Miss spray rose was chosen for the blush colour and heavy scent, yet only 20-40 stems can be picked for sale in any one day. Making this an exclusive rose indeed.


This company loves roses. With over 90 colours to choose from its now easier than ever to achieve an unbelievable scented bouquet. Parfum Flower Company started off selling 700 stems a day and now its not unheard of for them to be selling 80,000 per day. Not bad going! Their farms in Ecuador and in Kenya produce their roses all year round. It was interesting to hear that the altitudes at the farm in Kenya produce a slightly smaller head. This makes them much more suitable for daintier wedding work.

Feast your eyes on my favourites of the moment…. but really they are all AMAZING! each one has a scent value from 1-5. 5 are the most heavily scented so make sure to look for the scent scale if smell is all important.

The client who wants these roses will understand the luxury. They desire delicate blooms which have to be expertly looked after. This is an imperfect beauty, just plucked from the garden look, which needs to viewed close up to gain its desired impact. These are not roses bought for their longevity. These are top of their game product to be fleetingly enjoyed and lovingly remembered.

These are seriously worth consideration, whether it be just a few stems for you to enjoy at home or for your wedding day. There really is no comparison. Simply pure joy.